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Virtual Action Figures ™

Virtual Action Figures ™ or “VAF” is an augmented
reality based experience meant to bridge the gap between toys
and video games. They blend the versatility of digital media with
the physical interaction we get with real world models. Using the
camera, the player will aim a mobile device at a target image. The
app will make it appear as though the figure is standing right there
on that real world surface (IE coffee table, floor, couch, etc.). Using
the player controls, the user can then manipulate the figure in
various ways. Walk, run, jump, shoot, fight, even dance, the player
will have total control over the model. Virtual Action Figures™ also offer the ability for interaction between other VAFs. You can
do timed obstacle courses together or even fight. The real beauty
of the Virtual Action Figures™ game play is that the player's
point of view isn't dictated by a predetermined set of camera
angles. The player's own physical position determines his
Virtual Action Figures™ can be distributed through mobile app stores or attached to physical media, (magazines, fliers) and actual action figures themselves. Players can collect them, enhance them, and even fight them. VAF is also set up to take advantage of new emerging technologies like camera ready VR headsets.
The Virtual Action Figures™ system is based on it's
simplicity. Because of it's very small learning curve, players can jump right into the action. It also rewards players who use the app often with options to enhance their current collections or even
add to them. VAF relies heavily on ease of game play and personalization. The fighting system is designed to be applicable to almost any license and modular enough to keep fresh with regular updates. The blueprint also works well without the competitive element, as collectors will enjoy simply viewing and
playing with their figures as one would with an RC car or marionette. The system does not rely on augmented reality to work however. There is a non AR version that will allow players to face each other over the net. The Virtual Action Figures™ system
is built to be consistent, easy, fun, and versatile.
VAF Proof of Concept
TV shows
Toy line
Attachment to toys and comics
Target images included in comic books or magazines
Google Play
In Game purchasing
VAF can fit with virtually any character license
VR/AR tech is on the rise and this design is poised to not only take advantage of existing technologies, but new ones as well.
Virtual Action Figures ® are that life like toy kids and adults have always dreamed of having.
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